Accurate Financials, Delivered Consistantly

Focus on your core business, let us worry about your bookkeeping.


Startups are hard

Stop making your life more difficult. Let us take care of you bookkeeping and accounting. Our team of dedicated bookkeepers has you covered.


Let us help you with you financial planning. Forecasting for the future of you business can help you navigate through the everyday perils of building your business.


Whether you’re in need of expert Bookkeeping or tactical Financial Analysis, Gibosse has your finance needs covered.

  • Weekly Bookkeeping

    You Books, Updated Weekly

    Bookkeeping isn't hard, but it probably isn't a core component of your business. It is a neccessary evil that we can take care of for you.

    Your books will be finished on time every month, guarenteed.

  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation

    Account Reconciliation

    We will make sure to reconcile transactions for all of your accounts. Reconciling your accounts is the only way to know you have accounted for all of your financial activity.

    Have up to 5 accounts reconciled monthly. An additional $10/month will be charged for every account over 5.

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis

    Many startups neglect analyzing their financials at some point during their decision making processes. A startup that ignores financial reporting and analysis isn't running their business as efficient as possible.

    We will help you use you historical data, to create forecasts for the future.